Ba Xian ?? (Eight Immortals Tea Lager ($8.84)


330ml | 4.8% ABV

This limited edition brew 八仙过海 is specially brewed in tandem with the Teochew Festival 2021 (Singapore).

Brewed using a special blend of tea known as Ba Xian (Oolong), a beverage that most Teochews enjoy. It is also symbolical of the migration of the people of the Eight Districts of Teochew, crossing the seas and settling into the different parts of South East Asia, including Singapore, forming a familial bond which the Teochews of Singapore have today.

The lager is light and refreshing to taste with a heady aroma and notes of osmanthus flowers, nectarine and honey. Taking a sip of this divine brew certainly send your spirits soaring in heaven’s gardens, together with the legendary Eight Immortals.

SKU: #14820# Category: Tag: Brand: The 1925 Brewing Co.Country: Singapore
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